Perquè el preu del menjar puja?

Aquest vídeo explica el funcionament de l’especulació financera sobre els aliments i les conseqüències que porta associades: escassetat, pujada de preus, fam per a les famílies amb pocs recursos.

Produced by WEED ( Food speculation mainly takes place at commodity derivatives exchanges, which are especially large in the US but also growing in the EU. Even though these exchange can have a value for agriculture, they can also be dangerous. Especially through increasing participation of finanical speculators like banks and funds, food prices more and more become a financial asset and an object of profit maximization. This can cause price distortions and increases – and thus hunger for millions. More information can be found in the article The speculator’s bread. Also many scientists, analysts and public institutions have come to the conclusion that speculation can negatively influcence commodity prices.

Recordem també que els bancs especulen en tot el que poden i l’alimentació també és a la llista dels seus beneficis financers.



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